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School Day

The school day starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.30pm. Our school week totals 33 hours and 20 minutes.

Registration is from 8.50am to 9.00am.

Children have a morning break – they are welcome to bring a healthy snack to eat – fruit and vegetables only please.

Water bottle can be refilled in the classrooms, which all have drinking water available. Please do not bring squash, juice or fruit flavoured water unless it is part of a packed lunch, to help keep the children’s teeth healthy.

Children have lunch at 12.00. Lunchtimes end at 1.00pm.

Children can bring a packed lunch from home or buy a school dinner (which costs £3.25 a day) – freshly prepared in our kichen daily. Menu here

Home time

School finishes at 3.30pm. Children can be collected from the playground. (Y3 from the small playground at the end of the main one)

Drop-off and collection

Children may arrive after 8.40am (unless they attend our breakfast club). They arrive at the playground and make their way to their classrooms. The gates are locked at 8.50am. Latecomers must enter via reception.

There is no supervision before this time, so please ensure your child does not arrive before 8.40am.


Getting to school

To get to and from school, walking is definitely the best option! There are lots of benefits: it’s healthier than travelling by car, it improves the safety of pedestrians and road-users, and it respects nearby residents and parking regulations.

Alternatively children can cycle or use their scooter to get to school – we have areas where they can lock these up during the day.

Children should wear a safety helmet if scooting or cycling into school. On arrival at the playground children need to wheel their bikes and scooters across the playground, in order to keep other pupils safe.

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