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PE Curriculum Plan


As stated in the 2014 Physical Education Curriculum aims, the PE curriculum at Springfield is designed to meet the needs of all pupils to ensure that they:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time – engage in competitive sports and activities –      lead healthy, active lives.


Our approach to teaching PE develops the learner as a whole and alongside the physical skills, encourages learners to reflect on and improve their skills in the 5 other areas of the RealPE cogs.

We aim to instil a positive attitude towards PE and physical activity to promote healthy lifestyles for our pupils currently and in the future.

Springfield Junior follow the Real PE schemes of work which are fully aligned to the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and focus on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. Each unit of work has a different focus to develop the key abilities necessary for success in PE and sport and across the curriculum: creative, physical, health and fitness, personal, social and cognitive.

Teachers have high expectations of pupils and offer appropriate levels of support and challenge to ensure that every pupil is able to succeed and that every pupil is stretched in each PE session.

The RealPE Learning nutrition document is used to support teaching and learning and encourage pupil-led learning.  The child-friendly assessment statements (Real PE cogs) are used in lessons to ensure consistency across the key stage and that pupils are aware of their own progress, strengths and challenges.


Every child will:

  • enjoy PE lessons and physical activity
  • be able to achieve and succeed
  • be able to combine physical skills with fluency and apply them consistently to a broad range of physical activities and sports
  • have the opportunity to take part in competitive sport
  • be able to collaborate and communicate with others
  • understand and be able to articulate how they have made progress in individual PE lessons and over time
  • understand how to evaluate and recognise their own success
  • be able to explain the importance of leading a healthy and active life

At Springfield we aim to get the children as active as possible! Each class has the opportunity of 2 hours of good quality PE per week, including both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as swimming.

Mostly, class teachers deliver PE in school, however all children have the opportunity at Springfield to be taught by external coaches, such as Sporting Bodies and Derby County in the Community, at some point during their time here.

Every child has the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular clubs, including: Tri-golf, table tennis, football, dance and scooter clubs.

Our football team take part in local tournaments such as Swad Lions and the Prominent cup, we also take part the South Derbyshire Football league. We are hoping that by next year we will have a table tennis team to take part in some national tournaments…so watch this space!

Additionally at playtimes and lunchtimes children are able to access equipment like space hoppers, catch-a-cup games, skipping and parachutes to take part in structured play activities to ensure they keep active as much as they can.

We are very lucky to have such vast school grounds that enable us to give the children great facilities such as, the tyres and swings, trim trail, marked out football pitch and running track.

Springfield Junior School PE Policy


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