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Breakfast Club

We run a daily Breakfast Club from 8.10am to 8.40am every morning.

Children enter school via the doors from the playground and then go along to the hall where the club is based.

The atmosphere in the club is very relaxed and informal with children having the opportunity to chat with friends, listen to music or maybe even finish last minute homework!

They are also provided with breakfast which consists of cereal, toast (with jam) and a drink of either milk or juice.


The cost of the club is just £1 per day which is excellent value for a healthy breakfast and supervision.

Children are allowed to come along to the club whenever they want and do not have to book beforehand although a register is kept of who has attended each day.

At 8.40am the children are allowed to go out onto the playground as soon as the member of staff on duty that day is out. They can then meet up with their friends as they wait for the whistle to blow at 8.50am when school officially starts.

It’s great value and a service that is highly valued by the school.

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