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As stated in the 2014 History curriculum aims, the History curriculum and Springfield is designed to meet the needed of all pupils, allowing them to:

  • Develop a knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and of the wider world
  • Be aware of the chronology of significant historical events
  • Be confident to question, interpret and analyse information and develop personal opinions
  • Inspires children’s curiosity in history and motivates them to discover more


In Springfield Junior School, teachers have high expectations and pupils are encouraged to achieve the best possible.  The History national curriculum is taught through engaging units and delivered through a series of cross curricular lessons. Previous taught unit are revisited and recapped  as children progress through the curriculum, enabling them to make links in their learning.

In each unit, we aim to bring History to life, through the use of Wow Days, visitors in schools and class trips. This enables children to learn about History in an active and creative way.

The planning of learning always begins with looking at the children’s existing skills and knowledge and provides them with an opportunity to question what they would like to discover. This supports the QEGS values.  Before a unit, teachers make use of knowledge organisers and a short quiz to help them assess what the children already know.  At the end of a unit, the children repeat the quiz to demonstrate what they have learned and show progress.


Progression of knowledge is shown through the end of unit quizzes as well as discussions with children and teacher observations throughout the topic.

Children are enthusiastic about the units of learning and keen to show and discuss their learning and work with others.

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