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Whole-school Summer Production Announcement!

On Thursday we will be holding auditions for our Summer Production. These will be held in the hall after school until 4.30pm.
The audition will be for children who want to have speaking roles in the play.
Children from any year group are welcome to try out for a speaking part. There are parts varying from a couple of lines, to 50+ lines.

Rehearsals will be starting the following week – the 11th April – and will run every Thursday after school until 4.30pm. If your child gets a part, it is extremely important they attend every week.

Performance dates are in June (25th afternoon and 25th and 26th evenings)

All the children in school will be learning the songs and will be invited to support the cast for the evening performances – more details about that will come out nearer the date.

There will also be opportunities for children to be involved in dancing, behind scenes, lighting etc – children will be told about these in school. If chosen for one of these roles your child will be asked to attend the after school rehearsals, but not until June, once the cast has rehearsed the play.

The audition piece will be in the post below – I will give out permission slips on Monday for Thursday’s auditions, as well as a paper copy of these words.

Any questions, please message me on classdojo/ school facebook or catch me on the playground.
Mrs Haines

Below is the audition piece.You can read it if you want to and don’t want a part with many lines – but if you want a part with quite a few lines you need to learn as much off by heart as possible. Feel free to add actions!

Background: Sam is playing hide and seek with a group of children but can’t find anybody.

Audition Piece:

“Hey, where did everybody go? I give up! I counted to a hundred, like you said. It took a really long time. Where is everybody? I said I give up! I can’t find you!
I’ve been looking for ages. Can anybody hear me? This isn’t funny any more, you guys. Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Come on, guys. Let’s play a different game! We could play tag outside. Or maybe we could have a snack and play video games.
I’ll let you guys play first! I promise! Just come out. I can’t find you, OK? I give up.
What more do you want from me? Guys? Hey, guys?”

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