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In the summer of 2011 we decide to review our behaviour policy and created the Super Student Award scheme for September of that year. It proved to be a great success and we finished the year with over 100 Super Students from across the school. We had wanted to make sure that we were acknowledging the positive behaviour of the vast majority of our pupils and create a “feel good” factor in school. We wanted it to be “cool” to make the right choices.

The following outlines how the reward scheme has been adapted as we move into a new school year.

Springfield Super Student Award

A positive approach to good behaviour and respect in school

Information for staff and parents

Aim of the scheme:

To raise standards of behaviour across the school and ensure everyone in school has the same high expectations with regard to behaviour and attitude to learning.

We want all children to turn their back on unacceptable behaviours and understand that is much better to make positive choices and do the right thing.

We want to ensure that we acknowledge the children who always make the right choices and have a positive attitude towards school.

Children’s behaviour and attitudes will continue to be monitored by the class teacher and TA under the following categories:

  • Kindness and understanding of others
  • Politeness and use of good manners
  • Looking after property
  • Honesty
  • Listening and turn taking
  • Attitude to work
  • Helpfulness
  • Self and school pride
  • Commitment and resilience

There will continue to be 3 main levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver and Gold, although a Gold Plus category will be introduced for pupils who are already Gold status and continue to maintain this throughout the year.

During the first half term of the year children must demonstrate the criteria for their new class teacher and TA. Children who have already achieved Bronze, Silver or Gold status must show that they are continuing to meet the required standards.

At the end of the half-term their teacher and TA will nominate children for their Bronze award if they feel that they have consistently demonstrated the criteria for the award. Staff will confirm whether or not existing Super Students have maintained the high standards expected and can continue at their existing level.

Once awards have been achieved/ maintained children will then work towards achieving at the next level.

In the unlikely event that a child demonstrates negative behaviour that does not uphold their Super Student Status, their award will be downgraded.

Bronze Criteria Silver Criteria Gold Criteria
  • Show kindness to others
  • Move around school with careful regard to others
  • Say please and thank you
  • Show respect to ALL adults in school
  • Look after school property and equipment
  • Always tell the truth
  • Demonstrate good listening skills
  • Always try hard to do your best
  • Do as asked straight away
  • Read at home 5 times a week
  • Bring book to school every day
  • Wear the correct uniform every day
  • Have PE kit in school
  • Always be reliable and well behaved when outside school
  • Complete all homework on time to a high standard
  • Learn weekly spellings
  • Learn weekly maths facts
  • Have good table manners
  • Behave appropriately at break and lunch-time

(Must still continue to demonstrate Bronze criteria)

  • Act as a buddy to others in ownclass
  • Carry out class monitor tasks
  • Complete additional homework to support school work
  • Have been awarded a reading certificate the previous half term
  • Show commitment to supporting and improving the class



(Must still continue to demonstrate Bronze and Silver criteria)

  • Help children inother classes
  • Carry out tasks which benefit the whole school community eg litter picking, putting chairs away in the dining room
  • Carry out personal research/ homework topics without being asked
  • Read daily at home
  • Take part in the regular whole school maths challenge
  • Become involved in whole schoolevents eg sport, plays, choir, fundraising, help with Christmas and summer fairs etc
  • Act as an advocate for school
  • (Y6 only) Undertake a Y6 monitor job


All Super Students will be awarded with a certificate and a badge which they can wear daily to identify them as a Super Student. With parental permission they will have their name and photograph displayed on the Award board in the hall.

All Super Students will also have 30 minutes of “Respect Time” one lunchtime each week during which they will be able to choose from a range of activities including table tennis, crafts & painting, use of the x-box 360, table football, dancing to music, board games etc.

Silver and Gold recipients will be given additional prizes as part of their award and will also have the opportunity to take part in special trips and visits (last year’s treats included a visit to the cinema and another to the ski-centre).

Parents will be invited in to school to see children receive their Gold Award in a special Super Student Assembly.

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