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Curriculum Intent Science

At Springfield, every effort is made to ensure that, wherever possible, science lessons link to a termly creative theme (Cornerstones Curriculum) and other areas of learning. However where links are unable to be made, pupils learn some scientific concepts discreetly but with well thought-out links to real life. We believe that all children develop a natural curiosity for the world around them through their senses and through investigation. For this reason we provide plenty of opportunities for children to experience things in a hands-on way. Children are encouraged to be independent and collaborative scientific investigators, asking key questions, making pertinent observations, collecting and evaluating evidence and considering whether tests or comparisons are fair. They share their ideas and communicate them using scientific language, drawings, charts and tables

We know that children naturally question and they want to know ‘why?’ For this reason we strive to develop a real love for science through awe and wonder, giving them plenty of opportunities to question themselves and lead a scientific inquiry on their own, finding answers to their own questions.

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Science Coverage

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