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RE Intent Statement

“The PRINCIPLE aim of RE in Derbyshire schools is to enable pupils to participate in an on-going search for wisdom, through exploring questions raised by human experience and answers offered by the religions and beliefs of the people of Derbyshire and the wider community, so as to promote their personal development.”

(Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2014-2019)

At Springfield we enable our children to learn about, understand, tolerate and embrace other’s views, beliefs and faiths in order to develop their own moral, religious or essential self code; equipping them for their future lives.

The children are taught through two key areas of learning:

Learning about religions and beliefs which explores religious perspectives through investigating and examining religious beliefs, spirituality, teachings, worship, practices, behaviour and ways of expressing meaning.

Learning from religion and belief through responding to human experience by exploring and responding to questions of identity, diversity, belonging, experience, meaning, purpose, value, commitment and spirituality

Legal Requirements:8it

It is a legal requirement that children ages 7-11 be taught religious education for 45 hours per academic year, unless that have been withdrawn from RE by their parents.

 RE and the right of withdrawal:

“Parents may withdraw their children from RE lessons and the school has a duty to supervise them, through not to provide additional teaching or incur extra cost.”  (Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2014-2019)

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