Welcome back

A very warm welcome back to everyone after the summer holidays, although after just a few days it feels like we’ve never been away!

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It’s been ages since I wrote a Blog so I need to get back into my routine and remember to fill you in on all the latest news every week. As usual I’ll be asking a question at the end and will find out who’s answered it in Monday morning’s assembly.

I must say that I have been really pleased with the way that everyone has settled straight back into work routines and coming into class to start learning straight away. We get lots more good learning completed when we have calm and happy classrooms.

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You may remember at the end of last year that we carried out questionnaires and behaviour at break and dinner times was raised as a cause for concern for some pupils. With that in mind we are reviewing what happens on the playground and will be training buddies in the next couple of weeks to lead games. Mrs Parker is looking at the equipment available for you to use as well and has already put in an order for some new space hoppers.

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We will also be improving the way we line up at the end of breaks to come back into school. I must say that break this morning was excellent and I really hope that we can maintain the high standard set. If not, we’ll keep on practising until we get it right; you have been warned!

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It was lovely to be able to announce new monitors and house captains in assembly this morning and I sincerely hope that our Y6 pupils rise to the challenge and fulfil their responsibilities successfully. It’s a real honour to be chosen and I look forward to seeing everyone wearing their badges and carrying out their responsibilities with pride.

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Year 6 pupils with jobs are:

Brewers house captains: Katie Worrall & Alfie Udall

Foresters house captains: Caitlin Foley & Jack Barnett-Windsor

Miners house captains: Alexie Kent & Kyle Hanner

Potters house captains: Keneddi Gilliver & Leo Wileman

Sports Leaders: Leo Molloy, Harvey Green, Oliver Abbott & Oliver Cannon

Office/ newsletters: Evan Fletcher, Paris-Lei Hart-Bourne & Jolee Watkins

Tuck Shop Monday & Tuesday: Sophie Barnfield & Kory Stubbs

Tuck Shop Thursday & Friday: Lydia Richardson & JonJoe Hawkins

Tuck Shop Wednesday & Pocket Money Shop Friday: Anastasia Wicks & Kian Stubbs

Music term 1: Brooke Barker & Leo Molloy

Music term 2: Kacey Dilks & Sam Murray

Music term 3: Faith Spiby & Callum Jones

Benches & chairs for assembly term 1: Katie Worrall & Kacey Dilks

Benches & chairs for assembly term 2: Taylor-Paige Whyatt & Leo Molloy

Benches & chairs for assembly term 3: Anastasia Wicks & Kian Khan

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Mrs Parker will be organising Y6 prefects in the next couple of weeks and Mrs Williams has already asked class teachers to organise elections for new School Council representatives for each class.

Assembly Team are in school on Monday to lead assembly and several clubs will be re-starting next week along with the Golden Table on Friday.

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Lots of you have targets in your Home School diaries and those who haven’t will be given them next week. Don’t forget that you all need to have signed the Home School pledge (in your diary) along with your teachers and parents/ carers by next Monday. We will be checking diaries next week to make sure this has been done as it states exactly what we all promise to do to make sure you learn and make lots of progress.

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Mrs Cormack has prepared a letter outlining the changes we’ve made to homework which clearly reminds you to read at least 5 times a week and preferably every day. Reading is once again a key school improvement priority and the more you read the better you’ll get!

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On that note I’m going to sign off now and upload this to the website.

Have a super weekend and I’ll see you all bright and early on Monday morning.

Take care,

Mrs Hughes

Blog Box question: what do you need to sign by next Monday?