Welcome back

A warm welcome back following the half-term break; I hope you’re all refreshed and ready for a busy and enjoyable final few weeks before the summer holidays.

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Next week is of course our 80th birthday and Mrs Williams and School Council members have the party plans underway so I am sure it will be a memorable event. (Look out for details on the website). We will be holding our celebrations on Thursday following Den Building day which is a new event for Springfield but one which should prove to be very enjoyable and put into practice lots of our Growth Mind-set principles as well as enabling you to develop your design and technology skills. Mrs Cormack is aiming to raise £250 for Save the Children as well which will be a fabulous achievement and demonstrates our commitment to the wider community.

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We officially joined QEGSMAT last Thursday when the official paperwork was finally signed and sealed. Although there will be changes to our funding and finance systems, you should see little or no difference in the day to day running of things and we can get on with our school improvement work without interruption which is good news for all. Please don’t hesitate to contact school if you have any questions however.

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Teachers have been busy writing reports for the past few weeks and will be submitting them for me to read and add my comments ready to be sent home on the 6th July. Hopefully you will give a big thumbs-up to the new report card style which we are trialling this year. People who have been to my Coffee Morning meetings were asked their opinions about the new style reports and have given feedback resulting in amendments so I hope we have got it right and you think they do the job. Let us know what you think when you send in your return slips in July.

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Whilst I’m on the subject of feedback I just want to warn you that I will be asking for your opinions and feedback over the next couple of weeks as part of our on-going improvement work. Pupil questionnaires, using the key Ofsted questions, will be completed in classes next week and I will also be sending home questionnaires for parents and carers to give their views and opinions as well. It’s vitally important that we know what our stakeholders think so that we can act on things and make improvements. We might think we’re doing something well but you might have completely the opposite impression so we need to know so we put things right.

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Year 6 will be working with Fiona and Vicky from the school nurse team next Tuesday to learn about the effects of smoking on the body whilst Year 5 will be packing their sandwiches and clip-boards ready for their trip to Lunt Fort on Wednesday as part of their current topic.

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I am really looking forward to seeing Michaela’s dance group on stage at Rosliston on Wednesday evening when they take part in the Dance in the Forest celebration. Fingers crossed for fine weather!

Don’t forget that we are on a mission to improve standards of presentation so make sure you put in plenty of effort and take pride in your work. Have a look at previous pages in your book to find evidence of progress and then look at a friend’s book to make sure you’re achieving the standards we’re aiming for; rise to the challenge and we know you’ll get there!

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I have taken on board the feedback from School Council about our Golden Table and tomorrow’s group will be from years 3 and 4 only. I have asked teachers to nominate one child each from their class and they can then choose a friend to bring along to join them. We will do the same with years 5 and 6 next week.

There were some high scores in this week’s house point race and all teams achieved large totals but leading the way were the Potters so well done to them.

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At the time of writing this blog I’m not sure which class has triumphed in the weekly reading challenge but I’ll let you know in assembly as soon as I find out.

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Just before I sign off I’d like to say a big “hello” to everyone at Springfield from Linda Rose. I received another email from her yesterday and she told me that she’s still working extremely hard over in Sri Lanka but that she will be packing her bags to return home in another week. It’s hard to believe its 3 months since she came to talk to us in assembly just before she left on her latest volunteering trip. She has done some amazing work with the children in Sri Lanka and I know how much they value her contributions. Hopefully she’ll find time to come into school before the end of term to show you some more of her pictures and talk about her experiences.

Take care and have a super weekend,

Mrs Hughes

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