Thank you and enjoy your retirement, Mrs Horsfield

I must say that I am still smiling after this morning’s Super Student assembly when I presented over 80 certificates to pupils who have shown real commitment, determination and hard-work to fulfil the range of criteria. It was especially heart-warming to see a handful of children who had previously lost awards earning them back; proving that resilience and tenacity are values held by our pupils. A special mention must be made to the whole of Y6 who have significantly increased the number of awards held by pupils, especially in the higher awards where we now have 9 gold and 3 platinum badge holders. They are super role models to the rest of the school and I am extremely proud of them all.

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I am really looking forward to going across to Eureka Park next Tuesday afternoon to see our Y3 classes taking part in the May Day celebrations. They have been practising hard with Charlotte Brown and I am confident that they will create some wonderful patterns on the maypole as they weave their ribbons in and out. Parading across with their individual maypoles will also be a colourful and exciting spectacle so I am hoping we get lots of parents, carers, family and friends to share the experience with us.

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Governors will be in school next week to help monitor the quality of handwriting and presentation across the school. I will be asking them to check for clear signs of improvement from September to April as well as evidence that everyone is keeping to the expectations laid out in our school policy. It would be great if you could check your books yourselves and leave them a note to outline the progress you think you’ve made so they can see that you’re able to self-reflect and comment on your own performance. Let’s see if anyone can do it!

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I’ve been out on a course this afternoon but Miss Smith has kept me up to date with the scores in the netball tournament at John Port. Well done to everyone who took part. It was good to hear that the A team played well and won their first match and that the B team came back from a difficult start to play with improved confidence as the tournament progressed. Thanks to Miss Smith and Mr Morant for accompanying the teams and to the parents who supported with transport.

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Well done to Foresters for another super total in the house point race leading them to the second victory of the term, no doubt helped by good attendance figures once again. As you probably gathered from the look on my face on Monday, I was thrilled with the attendance scores for last week and incredibly pleased that 7 out of the 8 classes were above our target of 96%. Tigers were worthy winners for the second week in a row; can they make it again next week?!

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At the time of writing this blog I haven’t seen the final figures in the reading challenge so am not sure which class are the overall winners. However, I do know that Mrs Cooper was entering the Y3 scores onto the chart in the staff room and was amazed that both classes had extremely high scores because several children have read at least 7 times a week. We’ll see in the morning if they have been victorious.

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Mrs Staddon will be coming into classes next week to carry out a maths learning walk to check on the progress you’re making in lessons and I’ll be doing some maths of my own when I work on the school budget and cost out our plans for the next academic year. I’ll also be meeting with Mrs Burton from Elmsleigh as part of our on-going joint work.

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Before I sign off I would like to say a very heartfelt thank you and good luck to Mrs Horsfield who is retiring from her position as TA in the Balloon Room. She has worked at Springfield for many years and is a valued member of staff who will be missed by us all. However, I know that she has plans to enjoy her retirement and will be packing up her camper van to enjoy many adventures exploring the country with her husband. Thank you and enjoy your retirement, Mrs Horsfield; we will miss you.

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Take care, have a great weekend.

Mrs Hughes

Blog Box question: which teacher will be coming into classes next week to check on progress?


PS Reminder once again that one lucky family will win a voucher worth £100 in our prize draw at the end of term. All you need to do to be entered in the draw is to make sure you are in school (and on time) every day for this ½ term. You’ve got to be in it to win it so make sure you make the effort and get your name entered!