Sorry I’m late!

I’m not sure if anyone will answer my Blog Box question this week as I’m very late in uploading it. I had been on a mission to get it ready for Friday and was then waylaid by lots of other things and didn’t get round to it so sincere apologies.

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Well done to Potters for winning the first House Point star; to Pandas for 100% attendance last week and to Polar Bears for doing the most reading, with some children already reading daily; fantastic news.

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Lining up at the end of break and dinnertime is so much better and you have all done really well which just goes to prove what can be achieved when everyone works together and aims for high standards. I’m very pleased that lessons are able to start immediately because you’re calm and focused; keep it up.

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Something I will be talking about in assemblies over the next couple of weeks is the QEGSMAT vision and our shared values and what they look like in school. Our own key values already link in closely with those of the academy but we all need to understand what it means in reality so that we can articulate this.

Image result for QEGSMAT academyI’m looking forward to welcoming Y3 parents and carers to our “Talk like a Pirate” themed lunch on Tuesday and am confident that they will enjoy the experience. Please make sure you remember good manners and make our visitors feel very welcome.

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We have our first Anti-bullying group meeting of the school year on Thursday evening straight after school and I am hoping that lots of people come along to join us to discuss what we already do and what we might want to do in the future. Mrs Parker and I are starting to collect evidence to re-new our award and are determined to ensure that our school is a friendly and safe place for everyone to do lots of good learning.

Image result for derbyshire anti bullying awardWhilst I’m on the theme of feeling safe and happy I just want to mention behaviour and remind everyone that we have very high expectations for behaviour and will not tolerate behaviour that impacts negatively on other children. There are just a handful of pupils throughout the whole school who feel that rules don’t apply to them and I want to reassure everyone else that those pupils will be dealt with in line with school policies to ensure everyone else is safe and can learn. Remember what I said in assembly earlier in the week about making positive choices and being a good role model so that you can set a good example for others to aspire to. Get yourself known for the right reasons; not the wrong ones; you’ll feel much happier and have lots more success if you do.

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I thoroughly enjoyed having lunch with four Y5 boys on the Golden Table on Friday and am looking forward to sitting with another group this week.

Have a super weekend and remember to read every day!

Take care,

Mrs Hughes

Blog Box question: what is happening after school on Thursday?