Robin & SH Rehearsals

Rehearsals will be held in the school hall on Thursdays straight after school until 4.30pm

Children will be expected to learn their lines off by heart as soon as possible and to attend every session ( unless prior arrangement has been agreed with staff)

A register will be taken every session:  if we have to spend time ringing round non- attendees this means we waste valuable rehearsal time, so if for any reason (unless absent from school) your child can not attend, it is important you let Mrs Haines or Mrs Williams know in writing or verbally on the playground before school (we can not just take a child’s word for them being absent)

There will be one Friday practice until 5pm the week before the show.

Please collect your child from reception at 4.30pm. (Children will only be allowed to walk home alone if we have prior permission)

Thank you