Proud of Y6

I’ll keep this blog short and sweet as we’ve a busy week ahead and I have lots to prepare!

The focus this week of course has been on the KS2 SATs which ran daily from Monday through to Thursday. I could not have asked for any more from Y6 (staff as well as pupils) and it was great to see the determination and tenacity on display throughout the week. Fingers crossed that the marks reflect the hard-work and positive attitudes.Image result for proud

The royal wedding has taken place earlier today and it was great to be able to watch the celebration taking place in Windsor along with a couple of billion other people worldwide. You may not appreciate it now but you have witnessed a significant historical event that will be talked about in years to come.

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We created a piece of Springfield history yesterday when we all enjoyed the Springfield street party to celebrate the wedding of Harry and Meghan. Thanks to the cooks for organising the event and creating a wonderful themed picnic which we all enjoyed in the sunshine.

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As I mentioned at the start of my blog we have an incredibly busy week next week with lots to fit in including: awards assembly on Tuesday (reading, attendance and maths); Spelling Bee, also on Tuesday; choir performance in Eureka Park on Tuesday evening from 6pm to 8pm; Special Mentions assembly on Thursday as well as our regular “Health Check” visit from Mrs Moore on Wednesday. Along with all of that Mrs Cormack is on a course about marking and feedback on Monday; Y6 staff have writing moderation at Overseal on Wednesday and Y3 are doing the same thing at Elmsleigh on Thursday; Mrs Staddon is off to Nottingham on her Maths lesson design course on Thursday and I’m going to Moira Primary to find out how they give feedback. There is also a Coffee Morning meeting on Tuesday and a data staff meeting for us to check progress this ½ term before our INSET on Friday when we’ll be reviewing this year’s topics before planning for next year. I will also be talking to you about our Careers Week after ½ term before you break up on Thursday. Phew; there’s a lot to do!

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Don’t forget that we will also be holding our prize draw to see who has won the £100 voucher this ½ term. Everyone who has had 100% attendance this ½ term will have their name in the draw and I’m really excited to see who will win the prize. I’m not sure if it’s our constant reminders, awarding 10 house points weekly, Mrs Parker’s letters home or the thought of winning the “big” prize but I’m thrilled with the improvement in attendance this ½ term and will strive to make it even better in the final few weeks. We’ve proved that we can do it so let’s keep up the good work!

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Take care, have a great weekend.

Mrs Hughes


Blog Box question: where did the royal wedding take place?