Persevere and stay positive!

I’ve just read my last blog and can’t believe that it’s only a week ago that I gave you all a reminder about being Sun-safe; not something that we’ve had to worry about this week in the rain!

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I have been busy this week in several meetings but have been pleased with some of the things your teachers have been telling me about attitudes to learning and the standard of work produced by some children. We all know that it can be very tricky when you’re trying to learn new things and feel as if you’re never going to understand but the trick is to keep on trying. Perseverance is one of our key values and links in brilliantly with our Growth Mind-set work where it’s all about getting on that roller coaster and staying on the ride until you finally get to the loop the loop; it’s when you’re whizzing around upside down that you finally realise that you can achieve anything you want if you stick it out!

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This actually links in with a new challenge I’m going to be discussing with everyone next week and is very relevant to our forthcoming academy conversion. As you all know we are really excited about joining QEGSMAT (Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Multi-Academy Trust) and have our fingers crossed that we will finally convert on 1st June. I was at QEGS in Ashbourne on Monday and one of the things we discussed was that all of the schools in the MAT should start to use the QEGS key words to ensure we have a shared vision across the MAT. This does not mean that we will abandon our own key words of “Learning, Respect and Progress” but that we will embrace QEGS as well and link them to our school values. The letters stand for Question, Explore, Give, Succeed and I will be challenging you in assemblies next week to think about which of our values relate to each of the key words. We will also consider which of our Springfield super-heroes best represents each word and make sure we all act in a way that embodies our core values and beliefs.

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I must say that I am really looking forward to lunch on Friday when I will be joining invited guests at our new and improved Golden Table. We have taken on board the ideas put forward by School Council and hope that you like the changes. In true democratic style we’ll ask for feedback and make sure we take on board any advice and suggestions for future improvements.

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Another example of democracy in action was the vote to choose a film for next week’s Fun Night. The vote was incredibly close with just one vote more for “Sing” which makes it the winner. Tickets for the event next Thursday will be on sale from Monday to Wednesday at the usual price of £2 for entry only and £3 for a meal deal.

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Well done to Foresters who have bounced back into lead position in the House Point race following Brewer’s victory last week and to Polar Bears who have read the most times at home and are the proud winners of Oscar and the Kindle.

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We will be welcoming Mrs Moore, a special visitor, to school on Monday to quality assure our school improvement work to date and make sure it is having a positive impact. Please take the time to chat with her and tell her about the progress you’re making and all the things we’ve been doing in school to secure improvement (changes in Reading, Talk 4 Writing and Growth Mind-set work, individual target cards in your books and Chilli challenges in Maths). We’ve still got lots of things we want to do but we’re proud of the things we’ve achieved so far and are looking forward to sharing this with her.

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Have a great weekend and I’ll see you all next week,

Mrs Hughes


Blog Box question: what does the Q in QEGS stand for?