Y4 Autumn term 1 spellings Week 4 – 6

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Year 5 spellings week 4

harass opportunity soldier sacrifice correspond achieve

year 5 spellings week 3

available definite occur conscious marvellous vegetable    

On time this week!

I must say that I was incredibly impressed by the six pupils who answered my Blog Box question on Monday despite the fact that I didn’t post it until really late in the weekend. That’s a sign of great dedication and initiative and cheered me up; thank you. I’m going to do the opposite this week and post my blog read more…

Sorry I’m late!

I’m not sure if anyone will answer my Blog Box question this week as I’m very late in uploading it. I had been on a mission to get it ready for Friday and was then waylaid by lots of other things and didn’t get round to it so sincere apologies.

Poetry in Print

Congratulations to the children from last year’s Orangutans (now Pandas). They entered a poetry writing competition last term and we just found out on Friday that a number of them have been selected to have their poetry published! Well done to them all! Let’s see if we can enter some more writing competitions this year. Mrs Cormack

Y5 spellings week 2

committee bargain persuade guarantee excellent average

Egypt homework

Egyptian topic homework This needs to be in the last week of this half term Thank you

Welcome back

A very warm welcome back to everyone after the summer holidays, although after just a few days it feels like we’ve never been away! It’s been ages since I wrote a Blog so I need to get back into my routine and remember to fill you in on all the latest news every week. As usual I’ll be asking a read more…

Year 4 spellings Autumn term 1 weeks 1-3

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