Healthy Schools

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After looking at some of the statistics for the local area which showed rising obesity levels and increase in diseases and illnesses related to this, we decided as a school that we would do our best to promote the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

We actively encourage pupils to drink 3 to 4 cups of water throughout the day and have cups available in class if the children do not have their own water bottles. Not only is it important to stay hydrated to keep bodily organs functioning and healthy it is shown that mental performance decreases by 10% if you’re thirsty. Pupils also become distracted and concentration levels fall when they are thirsty.

We offer a balanced and healthy breakfast at our Breakfast Club and in lessons remind all pupils about the importance of “fuelling” themselves up at the start of the day.

At break-time we encourage pupils to eat fruit and vegetables which they can either bring in from home or purchase from our daily tuck shop.

School lunches are balanced and nutritious (see menu) and we are hoping that take up of lunches will increase further when our own cooking kitchen is fully operational.

We encourage parents who send pupils with a packed lunch to make sure it is balanced and as healthy as possible.

A range of equipment is available on the playground for pupils to have fun whilst carrying out a wide variety of physical activities at break and lunch-times.

Pupils are taught about the importance of eating healthily and the impact of physical exercise on their bodies as part of Science and PSHE lessons as well as in Springfield Life groups where all pupils this year are working on their Gold Healthy Lifestyle books.

PE lessons are viewed as being as important as academic subjects and we firmly believe in the old adage that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Our lessons are well structured and children are encouraged to give 100% at all times. We also make sure that pupils, and staff, get changed for physical education as this is good practice. (Pupils have to have their kit in school as part of the Super Student Scheme).

The importance of personal hygiene is taught in class and in assemblies as is personal well-being and its impact on health. We encourage pupils to express their emotions and let us know how they are feeling (in a respectful way that is sensitive to their needs) as we know that they need to feel happy and settled if they are to learn effectively. Promoting respect and a positive school ethos help to create an environment in which pupils feel safe, happy and healthy.