Happy New Year!

A very warm welcome back to everyone following the Christmas break; it’s good to see you all once again and to start making plans for the new year ahead.

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I must admit that I have been very impressed with the positive work ethic and attitudes that I have witnessed in classrooms and hope that we manage to maintain this in the term ahead.

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Staff have also been busy learning this week and have successfully updated their safeguarding training as well as carrying out some professional development in understanding the impact of sensory processing on the way individuals learn in the classroom. We will be doing more work on this in the coming weeks as well as making sure we plan opportunities for you to develop your skills and knowledge using a cross-curricular approach. Mrs Cormack will be working with Mrs Whirledge from Melbourne Junior School tomorrow to plan the focus of this development work throughout the term whilst Mrs Staddon is updating her Calculations policy and getting things ready for a Singapore Bar modelling workshop on 23rd January. This will be a great opportunity for you to come along with your parents and carers to have fun with Maths and develop your skills.

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Year 6 teachers have been busy analysing test papers from the end of last term and planning how to help pupils develop test technique as well as addressing misconceptions. They will be sending out extra homework to support work in class but I know that they are very conscious that it should be practical, relevant and fun! Parents and carers are warmly invited to a SATs workshop next Tuesday after school to find out more about the tests in May and we are hoping for a good turn-out.

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Y6 are off to Nottingham on Monday to the National Galleries of Justice which I know will be a fabulous trip with lots of first-hand learning to bring their topic to life and give it a real life context.

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Y4 parents, carers and family have been invited to an Egyptian themed lunch on Thursday; the same day as our Young Voices choir are off to the Genting Arena in Birmingham for the annual YV performance which I am really looking forward to. Mrs Haines, Mrs Williams and Mrs Tree have been working incredibly hard with the choir and the children are fully prepared with their songs and dance moves for what I know will be an unforgettable and amazing experience.

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Don’t forget that I have reminded all of the staff to nag about handwriting and presentation to make sure we set incredibly high standards and start the term as we mean to go on. Only the best is good enough so keep aiming high and don’t let those standards slip!

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As we have only been back at school for a couple of days we haven’t collected house points, reading figures or attendance but will start in earnest again next week and will calculate figures from the start of term to make sure everything stays completely fair.
Take care and have a super weekend,
Mrs Hughes

Blog Box question: how many teachers have been working with the Young Voices choir in preparation for next week’s performance?