Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend

The bank holiday weekend is almost upon us and I must say that I am hoping that the weather forecast is correct and we are set to enjoy some warm and sunny weather. Blue skies and sunshine never fail to lift the mood and make everyone feel so much more cheerful than cold, grey days although, as always, I must remind you to stay Sun Safe.Image result for sun safe

Well done to our Y3 pupils who performed their Maypole dances at Eureka Park on Tuesday. It was very chilly and we experienced some technical issues with the music and with the maypole itself but the children demonstrated resilience and commitment and made sure that the audience still had the opportunity to see them perform their dances.

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I met with a couple of our governors on Wednesday morning to monitor handwriting and presentation. We wanted to make sure that everyone is following the school policy and that there is clear evidence of improvement from the start of the year to now. It is good to note that there are lots of examples of progress and clear evidence of people following the policy and making sure the WALT is written, date is underlined etc. However, I have a couple of moans and the first one relates to pencils: if you are using pencil you MUST make sure it is sharp enough to write with. Blunt pencils make work look grubby and untidy and lines are far too thick and smudge easily. Secondly, use the lines in your books for guidance when underlining or drawing a line with a ruler and don’t draw wobbly lines; it’s not acceptable. I’d also like you to look carefully at how much space you need to write the date on the top line; if you have larger handwriting you need to start further to the left to make sure you’d don’t run out of space and have to squash your writing up at the end. Finally, don’t switch between pen and pencil in the same piece of work or use a rubber so much that it makes it hard to read what has been written over the top. Phew, nag over but I will be instructing teachers to pick up on these things. I am looking for high standards and consistency across the school so make good choices and work hard to get it right; you can do it!

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The attendance race this week was fantastic and our best week of the year so far. To have 3 classes with 100% was amazing so well done to Gorillas, Polar Bears and Penguins for a fabulous effort.

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Brewers are definitely benefitting from the latest incentives for attendance and Katie was thrilled when she came into Super Students on Wednesday to inform me that they had an “astronomical score!” She was absolutely right as Brewers had earned a magnificent 627 points which you would have thought would have been enough to win. Unfortunately for them, Foresters pipped them to the post with just 4 more points to take the lead for the 2nd week in a row and their 3rd win of the term so far. Well done to them both in the nail biting finish.

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Congratulations also need to go to Snow Leopards who have read the most times this week and earned the right to look after Oscar, the school Kindle and box of Premier League books this week.

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Mrs Staddon has carried out a Maths Learning Walk to check that teachers have introduced some of the improvements she taught them last week and she will be checking up again in another couple of weeks. She is on a mission to raise standards in Maths and supporting teachers to plan activities that will help you develop and hone your skills; something that our Y6 pupils will be putting into practice in less than 2 weeks when they sit their SATs papers. As we have said before, a good, positive attitude coupled with hard-work and the ability to use and apply skills and knowledge acquired over the years will ensure everyone gets the results they are capable of and thoroughly deserve. It’s a challenge but one to relish and enjoy if we’re fully prepared and have a growth mind-set.

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Take care and have a great Bank Holiday weekend.

Mrs Hughes


Blog Box question: which team came second in this week’s House Point race?


PS Keep coming to school and remember that all of those with 100% attendance this ½ term will be entered into the prize draw to win a £100 voucher in 3 weeks’ time. You’ve got to be in it to win it so make sure you make the effort and get your name entered!