Eco School


In the summer of 2012 we were very proud to receive our certificate for achieving Bronze Eco-School status.

This was a fabulous achievement as our Eco-warrior council had only been set up a few months before and worked incredibly hard to organise and motivate everyone to start thinking carefully about becoming eco-friendly.

As a result of their hard work we have been successful in persuading the local council to let us keep our Blue paper recycling bin on the playground. Thanks to the eco-warriors the bin is now being emptied at least once a month and we have already had 10 collections (last year we had just 4 across the whole year). Our Star Foundation clothes recycling bin has also been emptied, earning money for the school.

Another initiative started by the Eco-council has been to establish a class litter picking rota which has made a significant impact on how the school looks, helps wildlife and also helps to reduce Mr Tilley’s workload.

The children have also been busy looking after the birds and have recently re-painted and repaired the bird table so that they can start feeding them. It’s been lovely to see more birds flocking around the table.

Two other birds that are being well looked after are our school pet hens, Summer and Frosty. They cause a lot of interest from visitors as well as providing our children with pets to look after and care for. It’s been very rewarding to see our children take on the extra responsibility and take a pride in their roles. Not only that, but our hens also lay eggs which we can use in cooking!

Our gardening club planted lots of vegetables in the summer term in the raised beds that Mr Tilley made for them and their courgettes and tomatoes were especially tasty! They also planted lots of flowers and shrubs which have made our school look much more attractive.

Forthcoming initiatives that the Eco-council are working on include organising assemblies on waste and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as well as encouraging us all to save energy (and money) during Switch Off Fortnight. They are also investigating how we can save water when flushing toilets by making use of water hippos.

With their hard work and enthusiasm I am convinced that we will be in receipt of our Silver Award before the end of the school year.

Keep up the good work Eco-warriors!