If anyone is struggling for items, we can ask others to see if  anyone has anything they can loan – you would be surprised with the things we have borrowed in the past!

I have amazon prime – so if anyone sees anything on amazon that has free prime delivery I’m happy to order it for you.

Costume suggestions



Traditional Robin Hood outfit


Traditional Maid Marion outfit


Pantomime dame style dress/bloomers/wig etc (think Ewan in Aladdin!)

The Merry Men

We have the green tunics.

Children will need tights – green or brown (Except Dave who needs sparkly ones – any colour, the more sparkles/metallic the better!)

  •  a belt to tie round their middle (could be brown leather or rope)
  • boots  (ideally ‘ugg’ type or winter calf length type)

Will Scarlett needs red tunic and red tights


Guards –

these have been ordered – I will let you know when they arrive!





 Y3 Choir – can also wear these if they want to be on stage in ‘crowd’ scenes. ( If not they can wear white tops and black trousers and remain with the rest of the school singers)



Skunk Scouts

Coloured PE shirt ( their normal house one is fine )

Baseball hat of the same colour as their PE shirt


knee length black socks

Black shorts/ leggings (not shiny PE types)

black boots or PE pumps


Grabbit and Bolt


stripy tights tights


black cycling shorts

black PE pumps




Gavin’s costume can also be comical, dressed as an over enthusiastic holiday camp rep – bright coloured blazer with white shorts, polo shirt, knee length socks and plimsolls.


lots of raggedy clothes, unruly hair and a dirty face , p.e.pumps, no socks,

Guy   and  Gladys

Wealthy travellers


King Richard

king richard

King John

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