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The weeks with no lists are for children to learn how to correctly spell incorrect spellings from their own work.

Between Christmas and half term we will be doing the topic Peasants, Princes and Pestilence in Y5, Your task ideas are here: PPP-Home-learning-ideas-1 Please bring in as you complete them – you don’t have to do them all – choose ones that interest you and your helpers at home. The Y5 team

equip equipped equipment helpful unhelpful unhelpfulness

telephone television telescope desperate determined recognise

          AI-Home-learning-ideas-1 Please choose a few of these ideas to complete as your homework tasks for the Alchemist this half term. ( 3 minimum please – lots of dojo points available for completed tasks) Bring them in as you complete – or take photos of experiments done at home and email them into school. Choose ones you read more…

spine-chiller long-term worn-out necessary relevant develop

nuisance interrupt category hadn’t couldn’t wouldn’t

cemetery immediate immediately babies parties worries  

Next half term Y5 are going on a magical journey to find the gold hidden somewhere on Alchemy Island. A mysterious visitor will arrive to present us with artefacts from the island. Reading stories set in fantasy worlds will inspire our story openings. We’ll manipulate digital photographs, adding fantastical special effects. Our geography skills will improve as we look closely at read more…

Amazing work this afternoon Year 5 – well done! Springfield’s Egyptian Museum had some amazing artefacts on show. Thanks so much for coming parents /family/ carers – we hoped you enjoyed listening to the children’s work and singing. (And can we reassure you no person was injured in the mummification process – I think there should be an oscar for read more…