Welcome to Maths at Springfield Junior School

At Springfield we adopt the Mastery style of teaching. This allows pupils of all abilities to make good progress in their work and have a deepened understanding of the skills they are taught.

Lessons promote:

  • fluency (rapid and accurate recall and application of facts and concepts)
  • a growing confidence to reason mathematically
  • the ability to apply maths to solve problems, to conjecture and to test hypotheses.

NCETM (November 2015)

Daily Maths lessons are taught in classes by the class teacher. The classes also have the support of a teaching assistant.

Each lesson begins with a 12 minute warm-up. This focuses on the key skills of arithmetic in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This warm-up may also be quick fire times tables and many classes use ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ to support this. This an online program that children have login codes to enable them to access it at home.

This is followed by an hour Maths lesson.  Lessons include whole class, small group, supported and independent work.

In line with the government recommendation, the teacher does not move on to a new topic until at least 85% of the class have ‘mastered’ the area being taught.

With each topic children vary the way they learn depending on their level. These include concrete (use of apparatus), pictorial (using the Singapore Bar Model) to abstract.

At the end of each half-term the children sit a test which covers all aspects of the learning that term. The teachers use this test, alongside the work in pupil’s books, to make a professional judgement on the level the child is working at.

Cross curricular Maths is included in many of the afternoon lessons which allows the children to apply their skills.

If you wish to further your understanding of Mastery or The Singapore Bar please see Mrs Staddon or have a look on the NCETM website.

September 2017

N Staddon





Times Tables Tycoons

Number Certificates

As we move into our second year of using the new curriculum we have developed our own Medium Term Plans following the Rising Stars objectives. These MTP’s ensure that all objectives are covered throughout the year and ensure that adequate time is given to each unit of learning. Teachers use their professional judgement to decide if a topic requires additional read more…

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Springfield Junior School Maths Policy

Springfield Junior School Calculation Policy – Curriculum 2014