Children develop their visual and creative skills by taking part in a range of activities within Art, Craft and Design. Children are encouraged to explore and develop their ideas. They are taught to use a variety of techniques and media and to evaluate and develop their work and the work of others including that of famous artists and craft workers. Children are encouraged to respond to works of various kinds. We integrate the arts into the teaching of other subjects and find that this not only enhances pupils’ enjoyment but leads to better outcomes for all.

In years 3 and 4, children will learn to use sketch books to collect, record and evaluate their ideas.  They will improve mastery of techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpture with varied materials.  As well as this, they will begin to learn about great artists, architects and designers.

As the children move into years 5 and 6, they will continue to develop these skills.

Art club have been working hard today, creating some leaf art.

Work is well under way on the bottle top mural. As you can see, art club decided upon an ‘under the sea’ theme. Thank you to everyone for bringing in hundreds of bottle tops! It looks like we will need a few more blue and black tops so please keep collecting those colours!

Some of you may have spotted the new, interesting structure that has been built in Emma’s garden. It is an Earth Loom! The children will be weaving together traditional fibres like wool, cloth and string as well as vines, sticks, feathers, grasses and reeds that can be collected from around the school grounds to create seasonal canvases. In Summer it read more…