Auditions Years 4,5&6

Auditions will be held on Thursday 12th April straight after school until 4.30pm for anyone interested in having a speaking part in the summer production.

This Audition-permission-letter will be given out on Monday

If your child is successful they will be required to attend Thursday rehearsals each week.

If they do not get a speaking role, (as these are limited) by attending the audition your child will have the chance to be involved in the production with a non- speaking or dancing or singing part. They will not be required to attend the Thursday rehearsals as they will rehearse in school time in June.

The script Audition piece needs to be learnt for the audition.

If a main part is wanted, then please learn either Nursie or Marion’s part. If a smaller part is wanted, please learn the part of Will. Nursie will possibly be played by a boy – but boys or girls can learn either part – as we just want to get an idea of the volume/expression/commitment to learning words at this stage

Any child who already attends choir on Thursdays will automatically be part of the production – however, they will need to learn the lines if they want a speaking part too.

If your child would like to be involved, but does not want a speaking role or can’t attend Thursday rehearsals, there may be opportunities for dancing or walk on roles nearer the date.

All Y3s will be invited to perform with their class but will rehearse in school time nearer the date.



NURSIE:                  Ah, Will Scarlet! Thank goodness you’re here.

WILL:                       Morning, Aunt Gerty. What’s the matter?

NURSIE:                  Maid Marion’s gone missing, Will! One minute she was here singing a song, and the next… she’s completely disappeared!

WILL:                       Don’t panic, Aunt Gerty. She’s probably just gone for a walk in the forest.

(Maid Marion enters from the other side, unseen by the others, and slowly walks behind Nursie.)

NURSIE:                  (Over reacting) What? Sherwood Forest is no place for a young maid to wander alone! Oh, my poor little dumpling! (She grabs Will by the shoulders in panic) She’s probably been attacked! Or ambushed! Or… or…

MARION:                 Kidnapped?

NURSIE:                  (Turning to Marion) That’s right, Marion. (Turning back to Will) Kidnapped! (Realising who it is and turning back to Marion) Marion! Where have you been, you naughty thing? I’ve been worried sick! I need to sit down and decompose myself!

MARION:                 Nursie, I’m old enough to take care of myself.

NURSIE:                  You’re my ward, remember? I promised your father I’d look after you whilst he was away at the crusades.

MARION:                 That was ten years ago, Nursie. I’m all grown up now!

NURSIE:                  You are still my ward. And you will remain my ward until your father returns.

MARION:                 But I’ll be a wrinkly old woman by then.

WILL:                       Then you’d be a geriatric ward!